fishes all around

Fishes All Around was inspired by the Black Sea plants and creatures which I spent hours watching as a child. It is full of joy and playfulness that are an integral part of studying the world around through a pair of curious eyes.

shallow waters

Fishes All Aroind Pattern Collection 1

deep waters

Fishes All Around Pattern Collection 2

shallow waters

Fishes Pattern


Octopus Friends Patten

octopus friends

Jellyfish Joy Pattern

jellyfish joy

Pink Weed Pattern

pink weed

Blue Curls Pattern

blue curls

Turtles Pattern


Stars for You and Me Patten

stars for you and me

Small Fishes Pattern

small fishes

Seahorse Magic Pattern

seahorse magic

Bubbles Pattern


deep waters

Fishes Pattern


Sandy Octopus Pattern

sandy octopus

Deep Water Fish Pattern

deep water fish

Seahorse Carousel Pattern

seahorse carousel

Deep Sea Bubbles Patten

deep sea bubbles

Turtles Pattern


Jellyfish Fun Pattern

jellyfish fun

Green Curls Pattern

green curls

Stars for Me and You Patten

stars for me and you

Grey Weed Pattern

grey weed